Friday, January 23, 2009

Arrived in Australia

Well I made it here safely.  I spent 5 hours in the LAX airport, then 14 hours on the plane here to Sydney.  But I made it to the airport, through customs and immigration (with all my luggage) and caught a taxi to Hillsong Church where I met the people from the college.  I am settled into my flat with two of my flatmates already here.  Jen is 18 and from California.  We actually arrived at the college at the same time so that was very nice.  Anri is my other flat mate. She is 18 and from South Africa.  She arrived yesterday and was very excited that she wasn't by herself anymore.  Our other flat mate is from England and should be arriving on Sunday.

We got settled into our apartment and then a 2nd year student named Ti came over and took us around town to go shopping and get familiar with the area some.  Our flat is still very empty but we are working on finding furniture. The main thing being a refrigerator.

The weather here is very hot and humid but the occasional breeze is very nice.  I am currently sitting in a cafe down the street from my apartment with my two flat mates.

I am very excited for this year.  I know that God is going to change me and use me a lot during my time here.  I'm looking forward to when classes start on Tuesday and I can meet more people.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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