Monday, March 9, 2009

Touching Heaven Night was last night. It was a worship night held at the Hillsong City campus and was preparation for the Live Album Recording when all the campuses throughout Sydney all come together for a night of worship. God's presence was so evident last night that it took my breath away. I heard several stories today about people who accepted Christ into their lives. Praise God that He is moving in such an obvious way!

Classes are going extremely well and I am really enjoying them. My favorite class is my Old Testament Introduction. The principal of the college teaches the class and has amazing knowledge and insight into the Old Testament. She really brings it to life and captures my interest.

Please be in prayer for the Colour Women's Conference coming up in only 2 weeks. Women are coming from all over the world to have an amazing experience and have their lives changed by God. There will be two conferences. The first is March 26-28 and the second is March 30 - April 1. Right in the middle of the 2 conferences is the Live Album recording at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. I am very excited and know it's going to be an amazing night of worship. I will be serving in all of these events so please be praying for God to give me strength as I prepare for that week. It's going to be tiring, but I know God will use me in amazing ways.

Thank you for your prayers!